Develop your Rhythmic skills . (EN-NL).

This rhythm course teaches you how to learn to Develop your Rhythmic skills

URL – Universal Rhythm Lessons, Rhythm course by Clapyourhands.eu.

This rhythm course is a must-have for every music, dance and singing enthusiast, beginner and advanced for all ages and for every music / dance / singing teacher. You can start at your own level to develop your Rhythmic skills

Develop your rhythmic skills

Everyone can start at their own level because the rhythm course is divided into 3 levels. Even if you have never done anything with rhythm or reading notes, you can still start this course.

To improve your rhythmic capability, no prior education is required.

The aim of this course is to develop and strengthen the rhythm feeling through practice by hand-clapping.

Improve your rhythmic skills

To check your competence, after purchase you can easily play the videos downloadable on the website clapyourhands.eu, on the laptop, PC or mobile phone. (see: Https://www.clapyourhands.eu) The rhythm course can be used by people individually or in groups. Everyone can start at their own level because the course meant to develop your rhythmic skills, is divided into 3 levels.

People (old or young) who want to learn to play a musical instrument or who want to learn to sing / dance, want to do this ‘as quickly as possible’.

“As quickly as possible” is a wrong start. The first thing one should learn is to learn how to manage the rhythm. If you don’t do this, a lot of time will be lost because the combination of learning the rhythm and learning simultaneously playing an instrument or learning to dance / sing simultaneously is of course more difficult than just learning to develop the sense of rhythm in the right way.

The rhythm is the foundation of the music. One can compare it to the construction of a house. With building a house, you simply cannot start building the roof without a foundation.

The course makes it clear with certainty whether someone is ready to learn to play an instrument or to learn to dance / sing.

Because people get to know the rhythm as a result of which, their musical education is leaping forward.

The course is in English and in Dutch.

A side effect of this course is the fact that the course can also be very useful for people who are rehabilitating after, for example, a cerebral infarction or brain damage after an accident.

The course is a wudder production



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