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Training develop your sense of rhythm

twee achtsten
NR.1_2kw-level1=achtste noot_01


kwart rust
NR.1_2kw-level2=achtste rust
halve rust


If you count with the numbers above the note or rest, you can quickly see how simple it is.

Here you will find an example of exercise NR. 1 in 2/4 time.

2/4 means: 2 beats per measure. 

You will see the cursor move. You hear a drum beat on every note,  and a tap on every rest.

Detailed explanations can be found in the E-book that accompanies the training.

Try to clap simultaneously with the notes. You don’t do anything during the (various) rest signs.

The tap of the first 2 beats sounds different because this is the intro. So the exercise only starts on the 3rd beat (is a note in this example).

This sample video stops after measure 18