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Training develop your sense of rhythm


URL – Universal Rhythm Lessons by clap your hands.

The clap your hands training teaches you how to develop your rhythmic skills.

Everyone can start at their own level because the rhythm training is divided into 3 levels. 
Even if you have never done anything with rhythm or reading notes, you can still start this course.
No prior training is required to improve your rhythmic development.
The purpose of this training is to develop and strengthen the sense of rhythm through

(hand )clapping  exercises.

You don’t have to wait for the start of a school year. you can start at any time you choose.


This training can be taken on computer, laptop, tablet and mobile.


clap your hands musicians

The clap your hands training is suitable for beginners and advanced.


Before you buy an expensive instrument or take expensive lessons, learn whether you have the qualities to become a musician, dancer or singer.

More about the clap your hands course

The clap your hands course consists of 14 lessons x 3 (levels) = 42 exercises

clap your hands to beginners:

After two or three weeks of trying the first level of the first two exercises (NRS), you will  know whether becoming a musician, singer or dancer is for you.

clap your hands to advanced:

Depending on your own pace and commitment, the clap your hands training will take  between 3 months and a half year.

Later one you can also use this training to refresh your rhythmic skills.

clap your hands dancers

Many people still think that music, dance or singing is not for them.

Some think they are too old or, for example  with guitarists that they have too fat fingers, learning to read notes would be difficult, having no time, I cannot do that and all kinds of other excuses to turn away from what they actually  want, namely making music, dancing or singing.

As a guitar teacher it became increasingly clear to me that students could make enormous progress if they practiced the rhythm separately, apart from the technique that each instrument entails. As a result, students and other enthusiasts can concentrate much more easily on what they want to do such as making music, dancing or singing, no longer hindered by the basics, namely the rhythm.

It is true that a small group of people is A-rhythmic, which means that they will always have difficulty mastering the rhythm and therefore always have difficulty playing an instrument, dancing or singing. It is especialy very useful for these people to take this course. It  saves these people a lot of time and money too, because they can already know with certainty after a few weeks whether it is worthwhile or not to purchase an expensive instrument or take expensive music, dance or singing lessons, if their talents lie elsewhere,  than with music, dance or singing.

If you cannot master the first two lessons of the course after 3 weeks, that is to say, clap simultaneously with the exercises, you can assume that your talents are probably elsewhere.

In that case, you have saved yourself a lot of time, money and effort.


clap your hands jolinda
Jolinda de Graaf
clap your hands gerard
Gerard Harmsen
clap your hands jan
Jan Hermans

The clap your hands E-boek 

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Everything is clearly explained in the E-book that comes with the course.

Click on a page number in the index and you are immediately send to the right page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to be able to read notes for this course?
No, knowledge of solfège or reading notes is not required.

Is the course only for beginners?

No, the course can also be very educational for advanced musicians, singers and dancers

From what age can you take this course?
Recommended age for this course is between 6 and 80 years.

How long will the course take?
The duration of the cours is approximately 3 months depending on your personal commitment and speed.

What if I don’t understand or can’t take the course?
If this course is not a success for you, your talents are probably elsewhere.
You can save yourself a lot of time and money by thinking
whether it makes sense to buy an instrument or take an expensive music, dancing or singing  lessons.

However, remember that it can still be fun! Even though you have trouble with the rhythm, where the training from helps you.

Do I have to take the entire course to know if I am suitable as a musician or singer / dancer?
No, after a few weeks of trying you can already know whether you are suitable as a musician, dancer or singer M / F.

Can I take the course by myself or do I need a teacher?
You can take the course without the need for a teacher. If you are an advanced musician, dancer or singer, your teacher might help you with this course.

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twee handen
spaanse danseres

Some enthusiastic reactions from students.  

clap your hands hardloopster
Fanny Oppenheim

I thought I would never learn to play the drums and I actually wanted to give up until I came across this training.

Start with the basics and everything is now much clearer.

When jogging, I think of rhythms such as one-a-and-a, two-a-and-a. I adjust my tempo to the beat.

Even when I’m on the train I listen to all kinds of rhythms around me or I listen to the exercises of clapyourhands.

clap your hands meisje in tuin
Suzan van Doorn


Finally a course that starts at the beginning.

Why should you always start with the hardest?

Thank you clapyourhands for this helpful addition.

clap your hands jongen met piano
Johnny Fergussen

Glad my dad found this course on the internet.

Because I now have a good grasp of the basics, I have less trouble with the technique of my piano.

clap your hands jongen met zwart shirt
Angelo Hendricks

At first I didn’t believe it. Just learning the rhythm seemed very boring to me. Now that I have taken the training, I know that you can also turn it into a game.

We speed up the pace with friends and see who makes the fewest mistakes. That is fun to do.

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Through this exercise you will learn that rhythm reading is not difficult at all.
Go to the EXAMPLE exercise (click example).

About myself.

I myself started taking music lessons at a later age. In earlier years I sang the Latin mass in the church choir, without knowing anything about rhythm let alone what the Latin meant. Later on  I had to sing in the Gregorian choir obligated by my parents. Gregorian chant has no measures. Because of this upbringing, I had a lot of trouble with the rhythm in the early years. This is one of the reasons why I started this training. In my years as a guitar teacher, I often had children and adults in class who had trouble with the rhythm. I immediately recognized that from my own experiences.

Tonny Blaakman

foto tonny
nieuwe prijs

Have you also become enthusiastic and do you want to take the clap your hands training as soon as possible? Then click on the  button on the right.