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What you need to know

If you can not play the INTRO video properly, use another browser. If you want to follow the course mainly on mobile phone,  FIRST test whether your mobile is suitable for this, by viewing the INTRO video on your mobile.

You can  follow the exercises without this theory, but it is useful to read the theory.

Membership lasts 1 year per course. There is no diploma or certificate attached, so you do not have to take an exam.

Price of the course

 Price of course part 1 is € 29,95 

 Price of course part 2 is € 29,95

 If you purchase course 1 + 2 together at the same time, they cost  € 49,95

Even though if you have never done anything concerning rhythm or reading notes, it is no problem to start with this course.

A preliminary training is NOT necessary.


The course parts consist of exercises with 3 different difficulty levels.

Course part 1 deals with exercises in the time signature 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4. level 1 to 3 and consists of 7 x 9 exercises

Course part 2 deals with exercises in the time signature 6/8, 9/8 and 12/8. level 1 to 3 and consists also of 7 x 9 exercises

Course part 3 deals with part 1 + part 2

Rhythm can also be written  in a different way than what you see in this course, such as for instance the sheetmusic for a drummer, but we did not choose this in this course, because for people who can not read notes, the switch to learn to read notes when they would be willing, is much easier. In this course you will learn NOT to read notes but you will learn how to read  rhythm.

The exercises are in MP4 video format, which is the usual format for playing a video on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.

You can choose whether you want to participate in course 1 only, course part 2 only or both courses (= course 1 + course 2 together).

If you choose the course components separately, you will need a separate email address for each part to be able to register.

It might happen that in the exercises a note with a blue color shows up, this has no further meaning.

You can hear  the notes and see the cursor folowing the notes in motion in the exercises. The blue cursor indicates where you are in the exercise. It is important that you tap and clap immediately  with what you HEAR.

You do not have to do all levels of each series, you can for instance  try out the first level of multiple NUMBERS first, it’s up to you.

If you have read the above, go to REGISTER



You can make the exercises in the practice videos slower or faster by clicking on the larger picture and then on the smaller picture below that.
There you can choose the desired TEMPO.