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FREE course for guitar starters

Welcome to the website of clapyourhands.eu

You want to learn to play the guitar or what you can already do, learn to develop further, very good!

Guitar music brings pleasure to millions of people every day by playing or listening to it, alone or with others.

This mini course teaches you to further develop your technical skills.

You can do this by playing the strings with your fingers (often on acoustic guitar), or by playing the strings with a plectrum (= a triangular piece of plastic) (often on electric guitar).

In this course you can apply both picking methods to any 6-string guitar! You can choose whether you want to play the strings with your fingers or with a plectrum.

In this mini course you will learn to play arpeggios or ‘broken chords’.

The broken chords give a multitude of variation to your guitar playing, because you do not always hit the entire chord with an op or down stroke.

The course is written for right-handed guitarists, left-handed people can do everything

thinking in mirror image.

The course is written in both notes and tablature. (TAB)

If you’ve never played before, it is best to start by learning just the chords.

HIER you can download the course FOR FREE

Here you can go to theĀ  YOUTUBE files

Have fun!

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